Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Brooklyn Bridge Park, New York

Brooklyn Bridge Park is an 85-acre park on the Brooklyn waterfront in the vicinity of the Manhattan and Brooklyn bridges. The park is still adding new things and parts of it are currently undergoing construction to bring it visitors more new and exciting things for future visits!

Parts of the park include; a ferry dock, playgrounds and a 'water laboratory' for children. This park offers the quietness you need and the fun activities for every member of the family. There is truly something for anyone and everyone at the Brooklyn Bridge Park. It is also in the heart of Manhattan giving you the feeling of stepping out of the city to experience some breathtaking views of the great city of New York. 

Besides the bike paths and greenery, you can also attend one of the many events that are hosted in this location, during the day, and at night....depending on when you want to spend your time here. The cool thing about this place is that its on the waterfront, so like the Chicago River Walk you can feel the calming noises (or boats?) on the water. This would usually be more of a summer/fall/spring location but who said the park wasnt great for snowball fights? 

This location has it all, and its all right in the City. A true city park, for the fast paced people of NYC!

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